Our company

Who we are


Kokun is an Italian research and development company.


The entrepreneurs who are part of it deal with

electronics for several decades.

Kokun in this period has

developed collaborations with companies of primary importance in the panorama

worldwide and nationally with our engineers and external collaborations with companies

of research. In particular with the Chinese Plaser, one of the leaders in production

of medical and paramedical devices and cards.

We are therefore proud to cooperate with our Chinese partners who there

they produce the components in their huge factory, our R&D department

it gives the directives on what we need and in the first place is the

quality. The work ends in Italy where the last ones are assembled and added

parts we build in Italy.

All machines are tested in Italy and only those that pass ours

scrupulous standards are sold.

We produce equipment only on request because the care we take must be

scrupulous and every machine must be meticulously tested, we don't have

assembly lines, all our staff collaborate on every single device.

We manufacture these machines under our own brand but sometimes we can supply

our know-how also in OEM for those wishing to have their own brand from


Whenever we create a new product our partner takes care of

certify in all parts of the world such as America, Germany, Italy,

adhering to all quality standards.

We are not a trading company that resells a cheap Chinese product,

for us, quality is fundamental.

We are adapting all the equipment of our production to the standard

Industry 4.0, this will bring benefits to our customers never seen before.